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Why do you have poor cellular signal?

There are three main causes of signal problems: distance from your carrier's cell tower, large obstructions, like trees, buildings, hills and mountains, and local obstructions, typically the construction material of your new home, such as brick, block, metal, wire mesh, radiant barrier, and window coatings. These issues can also work together to compound the problem.

The first main cause of signal problems, distance from the tower, is going to be most often experienced if you're moving to a new home in a very rural area. Typically, in this situation, there may only be one cell tower in the general vicinity that your carrier is using to service the area, so the further you are from that tower, the worse your signal is.

It's also important to note that communication between your phone and the tower goes both ways, so if your phone isn't able to broadcast its cell signal all of the way back to the cell tower, you won't be able to make and receive calls.

The second main cause of cell phone signal problems are large obstructions between you and the tower. These large obstructions typically take the form of trees and buildings, although hills and mountains can also play a significant role, depending on your geographic location.

Trees, or any other plant life, are comprised of a large amount of water, which can hinder cellular signals as they pass through the branches and leaves, so during the summer especially, you'll find that your signal is worse than the fall and winter, when the leaves are off the trees. In this case, a stronger cell signal is needed to penetrate through the trees and plant life to the tower.

Buildings, mountains and hills, as well as if you're in a canyon, all present the same type of problem, which are obstacles that prohibit a direct line of sight from the tower to the cell phone, and thus require the signal to bounce off of something before it can be received. In this situation, you typically experience erratic signal that fluctuates up and down, since the signal is bouncing around in order to reach you.

Finally, the last cause of poor cell phone signal is the material that your new home is constructed with. Solid materials, like brick, block or metal (especially for a roof), block most of the signal coming into the home, so even if you have strong signal outside, it may not penetrate into the centre of the house. In addition, building materials like radiant barrier and energy saving window coatings will also severely impede the signal coming in, causing weak signal and dead spots inside of the home.

How do I get started:

Our nationwide teams of cellular signal enhancement engineers are ready to provide an estimate and help get you the coverage you need.

Our Process
  1.  Initial estimate: 
    Phone us on 0800-50-5000 or contact your local Installer Services Franchise or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  to get initial estimate in less than 48 hours based on your building information and location.
  2. Site survey, system design & Network approval: 
    If you’d like to move ahead, one of our signal experts will visit the site to test signal levels, confirm our design and collect the information needed to get network approval for your site. (network approval usually takes 14 days)
  3. Installation and performance verification: 
    After network approval we schedule a time to come and visit the site and install, commission and test your system.
Over a decade of experience

Commercial Solution

We've been configuring and installing cellular coverage enhancement systems for over a decade. We know the technology better than anyone. We'll use that knowledge to make sure that your project happens smoothly and we warranty our workmanship for 25 years.

Nationwide Installation

We have multiple teams of installers around the country. Whether you’re in a rural area or in a dense urban city, our engineers can be on-site within days to solve your coverage problems.

No building or location too complicated

Our team of signal experts has helped hundreds of companies improve signal in buildings.

Installer Services have designed and installed systems in large areas and small. From shopping malls, apartment complexes & hospitals, all the way down to small offices and retail stores in remote locations, we have the solution to help you.

Why is network approval important?

You can be fined up to $50,000 for operating a non-approved booster.

Unlike many countries Cellular phone boosters have to be network approved to operate in New Zealand. This is because the networks own the exclusive rights to the frequencies they operate on and you cannot broadcast on those frequencies without their explicit approval.

Read about compliance at the government website here:

The Radio Spectrum Management team even have a trophy  cabinet of people & companies they have prosecuted here:

Installer Services Group only supply and install network approved equipment.

Mobile Solution

Will a booster work in my car?

Cellular signal will not go through steel and as a car is basically a steel box with a few windows in it, cellular coverage in your car can be very poor once you leave the big cites.

We have a range of cradle and antenna options for vehicles that make a big difference to cellular coverage in remote areas. Call us for vehilce specific options.